About Us

Vortron Smokehouses, with expertise since 1969 in smokehouse/oven manufacturing, makes us the winning combination of consistent, uniform product providing years of trouble free processing, load after load. Our high performance ovens are designed for rugged day-to-day applications and deliver quality that's built to last.

Each one of our heavy duty smokehouse/ovens is built directly in our warehouse to your specified requirements and are easy to install. All are solidly constructed of stainless steel and composed of state of the art technology. We take care to pre-wire and fully test every smokehouse/oven in our factory for the best quality before shipment. You can count on Vortron to deliver you a high-intensity machine that fits your needs.

Everything about the Vortron Smokehouse/Oven is heavy duty:
  • All stainless steel USDA and Canadian accepted construction
  • NFS and FDA approved construction
  • Stainless steel HD fan blades
  • Heavy duty doors, hinges and long lasting gaskets
  • Product trucks built to your specifications
  • Product screens fully-welded, passivated and electro-polished
  • All units pre-wired and fully tested at our factory

You put a lot of work into manufacturing your products ready to go into the smokehouse, let Vortron finish it off with that well known Award Winning Classic Color and Uniformity load after load!

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